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Mr Bernat Klein

We are very late to the table with this as we weren't in Scotland at the time of Mr Bernat Klein's passing. We only found out today when we came across a copy of Design Matters, signed by its author, the great textile designer, a gift to us some fifteen years past. Reminded, we tapped his name into Google and learned of his demise.

So how did we know Bernat? Well, some fifteen years past we were design columnists at The Glasgow Herald and Celebrity Homes Editors at Livingetc magazine. For both titles we had the good fortune to feature Mr Klein during 'at home' articles and we remember, to this day, how very charming he and his wife Margaret were to us, and to our photographer Michael.

This talented creative was so quietly proud of his addition to the Scottish textile scene. When we asked him how it felt to see his fabrics become so beloved of Chanel, Hardy Amies, Pierre Cardin and many other illustrious fashion houses, he said simply; "I share that honour with everyone - with Margaret, the staff in my fabric mill and with so many others that believed in me back then..."

It's funny the things that stick in ones mind; after our interview concluded, Margaret prepared a wonderful salad lunch which she concluded with fresh cut pears and apples. She gave each of us finger bowls and warm towels to clean up after the delicious feast. We found that so European, so elegant, so classy. Sadly Margaret has gone now too. But at least she and her husband can be together again. We imagine them watching over Scotland. The country they learned to call home.

Mr and Mrs Bernat Klein. What an utterly lovely, warm and creative couple. RIP.

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