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Melbourne. Thank you to a beautiful city for playing perfect host...

We found you, Melbourne, with no prior agenda; we knew little of your warmth. Or of your succour. Or of your joy. But we fell in love with your urban sprawl from the moment we witnessed your smile. Your people took care of us. Your energy engulfed us. We were lost to your spirit. To your warmth. As such, we partied with you. We woke up to your sunshine and fell asleep to the soft drum of your effervescent heartbeat. We shall never forget you. And nor shall we need to... for we shall return in October to meet you again. In the meantime, we're off to make the acquaintance of Sydney, your sibling. And with her, we have a similar lack of prior. But we feel, somehow, we'll get along just fine. So for now, Melbourne, sleep tight. For you have touched us. Deeply. And profoundly. And we shall return, shortly, to pick up at the very point from which we left off. Thank you, and good night. Colin and Justin xx


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