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OH MY ACTUAL GOD. Melbourne. SOOO beautiful. With precisely NO idea what this city would look like, we walked for more than 20 km's around a large sector of the urban sprawl to get a feel for the place. To say it's a pretty city is to do it THE most tremendous injustice. It's so much more. It's an atmospheric gem. It's vibrant, alive and effervescent. Melbourne, as we found it today, is crammed with stylish restaurants, wonderful hotels and a beautiful inner city river way that bustles at every twist and turn. The city's rich architectural heritage covers Victorian, Georgian, American Grand, Belle Epoque, Bordelaise, Parisian, Gothic, Edwardian and SO SO SO much more. The cafe scene is vibrant, the galleries astounding and the shopping on a par with Paris and London. Seriously - we have been blown away by this stunning metropolis. The city lighting is gorgeous and well thought out. The city planners should be proud. We are excited to have many days left to explore...
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