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Holy McMediajunket - we\'re finally home from home in Toronto.

 Yup, we've been on a whistle stop tour of Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver and we're now safely back in the east. Guested on a zillion morning news shows and chat shows, chewed the fat with journalists everywhere, contributed to bloggers across the land and radio stations up and down the country. Thanks to every single media outpost for their interest - without them we couldn't have created this buzz!
A HUGE debt of thanks, also, to the PR team at Cottage Life for pulling this tour together. And to our new girlfriend Grace for excellent chaperoning duties! 
MASSIVE thanks to all you guys for watching the show; we never take your viewership for granted... and to get it is such an honour. Thank you!
HUGE gratitude, also, to Tamara Robbins Griffith and the team at TJMaxx Style Plus TV for believing in us to help front the Customer Loyalty TV online programme which also broadcast yesterday. Tamara you were an awesome host! And for any loyalty members who missed the info crammed broadcast, it's still available on line.
Now, if you don't mind - we are having five hours off to sleep. More media tomorrow at the crack of dawn. 
Scottish stylistic blessings to one and all, Colin and Justin xx


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