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Cat love

The impossibly handsome George, hotel cat at The Ritz Carlton in perpetually sunny Grand Cayman. This beautiful big fella waits for us every morning before we head to breakfast. He has no agenda - he just likes a little tickle and a wee nose rub. In a future life we will probably be crazy cat ladies - living in a remote, tumble down garret with feral pussies. And fur covered hairy blankets. We can picture the scene - a mountain of empty Whiskas cans and litter trays lined with newspaper will paint a feline picture of content. Oh the joys. We love cats. Small ones. Big 'uns. Red ones. Black ones. One eyed. Healthy or sick. Friendly. Shy. Bring on those pussies. Big and wild or petite and tame. For that is how we roll…
Please and thank you. Colin and Justin xx


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