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Grand Cayman calling!

Haud ma heels! These two wee Scottish boys are currently lost to the considerable charms of Grand Cayman. Aye, we feel deliciously abandoned and consigned to the sun. And the sea. And the sand. Pressures are easing. Stresses are abating. Whilst emotions are elating… 

Thought you chaps and chapesses might enjoy a pictorial account of our movements thus far. Our movements thus far today, that is. Herewith are some beach shots from this morning's boat trip. Oh, and a couple of shots from dinner last night at Luca. And one of an Iguana the size of a small crocodile whose acquaintance we made while sailing into Camana Bay. These spiny fellows have no real natural predators so they remain unworried by human approach. But our guide advised, nevertheless, that we didn't go TOO close. Boy, we were in love; the Iguanas we witnessed were incredibly friendly, indeed somewhat passive. 

After cutting through the ocean at breakneck pace on a glossy superstar boat, we berthed at The Kaibo Yacht Club for lunch and it was there we met an incredibly friendly staff from Cayman, Australia and Great Britain. Sated, we carried on before eventually berthing at Starfish Point to spend some time on our jet skis. Holy lobster - this island is astounding. If you get a chance, it's SO worth a visit. Joyous. Great times with great friends… Special to the power of ten. With a joyous multiplier of a zillion.


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