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The lost in translation humour of saying 'We're off cottaging' seldom loses its naughty boy chuckle value for us.  Cottaging, you see, in Canada, simply means heading to the cabin (there's nothing remotely related, behaviour wise, to the lyrics of George Michael's infamous 'Let's Go Outside' song) or the 'but and ben', as we'd call it in Scotland.  As the weekend approaches, that's just what we have on the cards.  

Packing up the boot (we'll always call it the boot as much as everyone here calls it the trunk) of our car and heading North.  We have precisely half a day free to enjoy the countryside before welcoming Mr Brando Barre, photographer extraordinaire, who's arriving to capture final 'beauty shots'.  You'll see these 'still' photography images used across our various media outposts to promote 'C&J's Cabin Pressure' ahead if its March launch.  As far as still imagery is concerned, Sir Barre is amongst the best in North America.   So - 'Lights, camera ACTION!  Or, rather, 'Lights, camera FREEZE!' 

Lost to the lake, as we'll be, for the next few days, we may become somewhat quiet on Facebook and Twitter; on line reception up there is famously 'patchy' though we'll do our best to catch any signal we can.  But, if the bears and the moose get in the way, we may have trouble.  Have a great weekend, TWeeps and Facebookers.  Don't do anything we wouldn't do.  That, er, leave the door wide open!  Hugs,  Colin and Justin xx


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