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G\'Morning world!

Anyway - Monday morning.  Coffee in bed. Porridge and fresh fruit. Warmed. Thanks to John at Virgin Glasgow for the recipe and the info', therein, on blueberries as a 'super fruit'. A little honey, drizzled lovingly across the surface. *Yum* Freshly brewed Nespresso. Eyes open slowly to face the day. *Yawns* Curtains pulled back on a dazzlingly bright Toronto morning. *Winces at the sharp sunlight* But theres no rest for the wicked - we've more voice over for 'Colin and Justin's Cabin Pressure' at ten am. Then a meeting with our website builders to discuss the show's on line presence. Thereafter, the mundane task of cleaning our condo, top to bottom. *Reaches for the Miss Muscle food cleaner and prepares to scrub* Then off out into the crisp Toronto evening. Yay - it's awesome being 'home from home'. But just one question; why did we choose to fall in love with SUCH a cold country for our time away from our beloved Bonnie Scotland?


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