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We love HOOP! It's official. This evening, after a wonderful dinner with Patricia Fraser in her gorgeous city centre pad (cheers Trish) we learned a little about the healing powers of the jumbo hula. Both of us, with no experience of hoop since the year dot, took to the tubular plastic exercise tool with ease. Being that we've been on a massive health kick since Christmas, we are immediately adding this waist shaping exercise to our routine. Expect all manner of updates - and doubtless some video and stills - as we tackle the hoop, full throttle. Aye, we're SO excited to work off the excesses of our summer by the lake in Canada… Here's to trimmer silhouettes and a whole load of wiggling. We have the power. We have the hoop (loaned to us by Trish) and we have the potential of losing the girdles (ahem, joking) once and for all. Bitches, we're hoop crazy! Burn baby BURN! x


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