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Glasgow calling...

And, P dot S, we are super LOVIN' being home in Glasvegas. Our old house waited very patiently to cosset us with her old bones, her ancient lathe and plaster walls and her slate tiled roof, during this extended Brit' trip. We swear our grand old lady (she was born in 1833 and entered this world as a merchants house) has a pulse. We swear she smiles as we walk in her front door. We can feel her heartbeat in every room. It was us, after all, who resuscitated her after finding her, almost flatlined, many years past. And we cherish that connection. She is alive. Perhaps not mortal in the way we are, but she's alive nevertheless. We wish she could talk. For her stories would be varied. She was a doctors surgery once. And then a large family home. The she was torn apart into several badly planned apartments. And then partially restored when she was taken over as the offices of a shipping company in the 1970's. But she longed to be one again. And when we found her we cast that spell. 

Anyway, we feel so at home again in The Dear Green Place. And we have nearly three more glorious weeks before we pack our travel trunks and head across the pond. To our glorious home from home in Canada. 

We're taking it relatively easy here in Britain as we have SO much graft ahead in North America. 'Colin and Justin's Cabin Pressure' airs on Cottage Life in just a matter of weeks. A cross Canada media trip ensues to promote the exciting new series. Times, appearances and chat show dates to be announced. Stay with us. Watch this space. For we are always here. Always ready to let the fun begin. And boy; there's a lot of fun in store. Please and thank you. Colin and Justin xx


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