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Kitchen before and after on a crazy tight budget

Holy McMoly. It's the same friggin' kitchen. After a serious tweak by the Colin and Justin studio. We kept the flooring as it was when we stepped in (rather lovely marble tile) and removed a couple of units to free up eye lines. We painted the rest of the cabinetry black and mirror fronted the top doors before laying on scribed MDF, cut with a jig saw. Butchers block (stained dark with food suitable stain) replaced the old counter and, to add a little designer flair, we dropped it down the side elevation too. It's the little details that add up, huh? In our world we appreciate that every dollar and pound is a prisoner. That's why we try and be as creative as possible to save YOUR cash. PLUS - we HATE sending furniture to landfill that can be re tooled. Creativity and a controlled budget? It's our stock in trade. Please and thank you. xxx


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