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Lazy day...

Today, God damn it, we're on strike. We've been immersed in all manner of projects this last while, so, just for a change, we're gonna grab some 'us' time. First things first a shopping trip; that means we're off to scour a hundred and one antique stores and 'junktique' outlets. For anything in particular? Hmm? No, not really. Nowt, to be honest. Just a browse. A wee keek at what there is an' all. Then we're gonna have a spot of lunch in one of the new 'Kelvin Corridor' restaurants. Then a wee meander down Byres Road. Perhaps a coffee somewhere cute. A gossip with ourselves about all manner of inconsequential stuff. Work, for one day only, will be a forbidden subject. It's gonna be a lazy day - we don't have 'em often enough. Please and thank you. Colin and Justin xx


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