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Dollarama Divas!

Amazing what you can do with Dollarama product. This was a vignette, created by us (for Canada's biggest morning show Cityline) using items from the cash conscious store. The ONLY piece from elsewhere is a console from Ikea, banded by us in ebony, to create visual punch. We fashioned the art using dollar frames with butterfly stickers inside and 3D silver butterflies laid on the glass. All florals from Dollarama - a buck per stem. Crystal tables are actually plastic trays hot glue gunned together. We've got your back - we try and remain mindful, while casting our decorative spells, that the global economy is not yet fully corrected. And besides - our premise has always been that everyone, no matter their social standing or income, deserves access to inspired and affordable design. Hope you like our little touch of Miami…on a strict budget! Cheers troops, Colin and Justin xx


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