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Another bedroom correction....

Bedrooms, for us, should be romantic and relaxing, and strictly NOT like the one we inherited when tackling this entire house project. The cavelike space, in its original incarnation, had about as much sex appeal as a chunk of haggis. Post correction, however, it oozes relaxation and allure. Our restorative tips? Replace overpowering curtains with floaty drapery and a fitted blind to baffle chills. Choose an interesting wallpaper for an accent zone and be inspired by its pattern to select linens and throws. A lovely metal bed is both attractive and light enhancing; rays of zesty illumination bounce around thanks to its reflective finish. And don't be scared to use colour in an unexpected place; we isolated a wallpaper tone and applied it with zeal to overhead areas - or in other words to the ceiling. Verbose? Us? How VERY dare you. Anyway - spell cast. Demonic decor ousted. Decorative seance complete. Job done. Happy client. Revived bedroom. Happy geighs. Happy days...


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