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However grim, we can correct any room. Dat\'s aright!

So we stumbled in, dazed, to this painfully plain living room. And, as the grizzly fog cleared, we saw potential. With immediate effect, and with our client's consent, all the old furniture was plucked out and donated to the local charity store. In our world we hate to waste anything. Then we cleaned up. Added wallpaper. New flooring and a brand new fireplace. Finally, brows glowing and hearts full of pride, we contacted our friendly upholsterer, provided him with drawings... then took possession of these gorgeous open backed chaise style chesterfields. HWP!!!! And with this our work was done. Happy client? Let's just say she literally screamed when we revealed our completed magic spell. Screamed, that is, in a good way. And with that we were gone, lost to the global ether of other needy rooms. Did we mention we LOVE our job? Making great homes, for great people. Part science, part alchemy, part vision. Please and thank you, C&J xx


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