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Announcing our new column at Cottage Life - commencing 2014

Pleased to announce a brand new column in one of Canada's foremost home interest magazines. Our new show, 'Colin and Justin's Cabin Pressure', launches in Spring and, to accompany this, we'll be writing columns in each of the 2014 issues of Cottage Life magazine. Today we enjoyed the first of two fun packed sessions shooting stills to launch the aforementioned magazine epistles. Blimey - seeing the pics reminded us we really have transformed the future of this once down at heels home. Yes, we know self praise isn't great (!) but we're SOOOO proud to have saved this sad old log house... and transformed it into a real home for the future. Removing the rot and decay which we found in various aspects of the home (dock, deck, ceilings etc) was an honour as this old girl REALLY needed help. She needed 'correction'. And we - and our team - were glad to assist. Sure it was one of our toughest TV series ever... but, with the pressure, came hope. See the full drama unfold, one rotten board, plank and insulation strip at a time - on TV screens and magazine pages soon across the entire flippin' style hungry galaxy!


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