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The weekend starts here!

Hey you lovely lot!

Trust the weekend is coming along nicely. We're up, early bells, to work out; with all our time, recently, at the lake, we've really missed the gym though we did whatever exercise we could between filming segments of ...'C&J's Cabin Pressure'. Catch it in Spring on Cottage Life TV. It's hard to believe we're already half way through filming the exciting new series - OMG; it's SUCH a departure for us in style. But in a great way. Aye, it's very different to anything we've filmed before (either side of the pond) and we're LOVING that we're becoming country boys - on and off. And on...

Anyway, urban inclinations at the forefront of our thinking - this weekend - we're back in Toronto for a few days and we need to pull the bods back into shape. So leotards and tennis skirts at the ready. Drat; where did we leave those leg warmers?

We'll be working from home, thereafter, on a raft of new products, part of the on going 'Colin and Justin Home' line which you'll find in stores like Winners, Homesense and Marshalls in Canada, and in outlets such as Home Goods and TJ Maxx across America.

But first things first. Fruit smoothies. Cereal. And fresh coffee. But NOT on our terrace; it's thunderin' doon with rain. Stair rods. Cats and dogs. Jeez - you turn your back for one minute and suddenly it's autumn...

Sending HUGE hugs to everyone. Have a great and fulfilling weekend,

Colin and Justin xxx


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