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Cassette and Vinyl motifs...

C30! C60! C90! GO! So we took a real risk with our retro diffusion line of 'C&J Home' bedding... but it seems to have paid off. Our cassette, vinyl and spectacles bedding ranges are proving quite the hit, even with students. And yes, we know - it's staggering to think we're actually old enough to remember cassettes and 7" singles. Staggering, we tell ya! Available across Canada in stores like Winners, Homesense, Marshalls etc. Catch this 'Limited Edition' while it lasts! Cheers to everyone for the wonderful support with this and our entire home wares line. We really appreciate your feedback and comments and take nothing for granted. You guys, our friends on social media, remain our most accurate focus group - thank you! Colin and Justin, Style Warriors xx


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