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Another day dawns in Muskoka...

In a moment of calm, having dealt with the Jurassic scaled spider (under a glass with card; no entomological fatalities here) we're just about to take the truck and find a nearby breakfast resto. Aye, all this country air has made us hungry. Ham an' eggs! There's a lovely wee Canadian granny (with her hair in a tight grey chignon) in one place we know who does an excellent fry up. Hell; we'll j...og it off later. Or burn the calories being chased by bears. Either way it's a treat we deserve having been SOOOO healthy these last few days. Later we'll be settled at our computers working on renderings for 2013/2014 'Colin and Justin Home' augmentations; our Muskoka trip, you see, isn't ALL holiday. Got deadlines to meet and visions to have...


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