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Vive la difference!

It's 'Upcycle' Sunday! Yup, our clients junk store furniture set had no particular value and, in its original incarnation, set a gloomy tone in the dark, grizzly dining room. Hellish? Aye, and then some. Our brief? To bring a spot of beach style glamour to the scene. 'Lime' kits are readily available in craft stores and, if you follow the on pack instructions, you can turn serious tricks with even the most lack lustre furniture. Essentially it's a 'sand down, apply a creamy wash, then wipe it all off' affair. But as we said; follow instructions on pack. To provide a backdrop, we panelled to 2/3 ceiling height and added a jaunty blue tone above. Abracadabra! Yes we know. It's like bloomin' alchemy... Debbie McGee and Paul Daniels had nothing on us. 

C&J xx


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