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Bathroom \'correction\'.

Yikes! We've 'corrected' dozens of bathrooms for clients both on and off screen but this one, a suburban home in Canada, remains one of our all time favourites. In the shell of a distinctly hellish room (one that was last updated in the 1970's) and battling green tiles and dodgy floor coverings, we waved our magic wands. Big job? Inserting new circular windows... but our clever contractor worked that minor miracle. For us, God damn it, it was imprtant to see the light. Smaller jobs? Lay on panelling to one third height; constructed from Home Depot MDF - and budget picture rail - it came to life with a coat or two of white satin. Amtico flooring, a slipper bath from Taps in Toronto and an occasional table from Homesense sealed the bathing deal. Job done. Next? 

Colin and Justin, Style Warriors xx


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