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Hell mend us, we don't regret a bit of that, though!  Most of our budget was dropped on one antique Victorian sofa and a crystal chandelier from Venice.  With client approval, of course.  Before we buy anything we send iPhone pic's to our lovely paymaster.  That way there are no surprises and everyone is happy!

Now we just have to explain that we've also seen a bed that will set him back a wolloping £20,000.  And persuade him that it's a good buy.  Which it is!  Hmm.  Perhaps footing the bill for dinner tonight is a good move...

Off to either Sydney Arms or Builders Arms. Still not sure which...

We'll report back and let you know how we get on.  And hopefully persuade our chap to allow us to post some pics of his place on here...

Colin and Justin, Budget Warriors xx


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