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Glasvegas calling!

Afternoon chaps - Glasvegas calling. Blimey, we're just the teeniest wee bit jet lagged. But in a kinda nice dopey dozey way. Anyway, it's SO blinkin' good to be home. Even though we're now used to easy travel arrangements between Toronto and Glasgow, it still never ceases to amaze us just how smooth the journey can be. 

On Air Transat we travelled from Pearson, Toronto to Glasgow International Airport in just 5 hours and 50 minutes! That's astonishing! Whenever we fly home it's gotta be a Glasgow arrival if at all possible; the airport, as far as we see it, is a credit to Scotland. Even the parking situation is perfect with convenient well run parks that are meticulously maintained. We simply exited the second level and our car was just feet away. 

Just a further few reminders why we're so conveniently positioned in The Dear Green Place. Boy - it's awesome being back. Will report more later but for now we're trying to fend off the jet lag.   A night on the sofa with a bottle of wine beckons.

Gotta save our energy; we're working on so many new designs, plus we've got a raft of private clients to service between Scotland and London.  Busy period beckons...

Hope you guys are well, hale and hearty,


C&J x


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