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Happy Christmas!

Facebookers and TWeeps! A huge festive hug from both of us. We trust your holiday is everything you hope it will be. We're holed up in snow, knee deep, in chilly Muskoka. Under a canopy of Fir trees and the abstract, skeletal forms of Silver Birch branches, we're padding about, wrapped up to the nines, in cosy winter layers. Last night, together with our pals Cherri and David, we went sledging down steep tree lined pathways and this morning, well, this morning we gathered around the log fire and watched its twinkling flames dance and twirl. Almost hypnotised, we turned our attentions to the Christmas tree before taking a moment to think of all the people we wished were here with us. And we remembered those who are lost. In our hearts, though, there is ample space for everyone; past present or future. The world still turns and the ship still sails... even though some of its captains have been lost. 

Happy Christmas, Colin and Justin xx


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