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Bathroom before and after.

As our before and after projects seem to strike such a chord, here's another.  One, we hope, which will have you awash with inspiration.  We like to think we can sort any domestic affray; in this case a couple with a need for a second bathroom... and no need for a spare room.  SO!  With the assistance of a clever plumber (who drew supply and drain from a next door powder room) we created this solution.  ALWAYS tackle a big project such as this with a capable contractor and ensure, at all times, that regulations and code are reliably met.  Okay, so this was a BIG job but sometimes, just sometimes, getting properly stuck in is the only way forward.  And so it came to pass that, with a sprinkling of Scottish fairy dust, and the courage of our own convictions, this 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' bathroom emerged from the previously dowdy scene.  Hope our reversion provides you with sufficient inspiration to max' up chez vous.  You know, budget permitting, it makes sense.  For future reference, give us an idea of room types with which you'd like assistance and we'll do our best to tailor our postings accordingly.  Now where, God damn it, is that bottle of Miss Matey?! 

Colin and Justin xx


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