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LA calling!

Penultimate day in Los Angeles and we're off to a few meetings with local design stores. But not till we've had a London breakfast, Gordon Ramsay style, and a dip in the roof top pool. Thank God for corsets and girdles - even after all our time at the gym - and after all our running - it seems we have some way to go; the average bloke's waist size in LA would appear to be about 20". With a 50" chest to match. Clearly we have a modicum of work to do to attain this level of corporal perfection. Worry not; we jest - we're perfectly happy as we are but, OMG!!!!! This city is like an open casting for Elite, Storm and Premier models and everyone appears to be carved from rock. Excuse us while we rush to find our Jane Fonda workout gear. Velvet head bands at the ready...left leg and LUNGE! xx


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