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Morning world. Why did you arrive so early?

Blimey; it's early. Only 6.20 am, to be precise, and we're wide awake, excited at the prospect of a couple of days in Muskoka cottage country. Our jet lag, rather frustratingly, has rushed in and, even though we enjoyed a full night's sleep after arriving in Toronto on Tuesday, we're wide eyed, bushy tailed and expectant today; buzzing like kids ahead of Santa's arrival. 
Anyway, we're heading off shortly with two great friends and two Labradors (one Golden, one Black) and we're SOOOOO looking forward to a little splendid, lake side, isolation. Oh yes, and perhaps a wee glass of wine or three; that 'magic' liquid, we are reliably informed, may hasten our passage to the land of slumber later tonight. We shall only imbibe, you understand, for medical reasons...

 Gotta dash; Colin's having a shower and I'm about to make breakfast. Scottish hugs, delivered on a transatlantic trajectory, to one and all. The day is only just beginning.... xxx


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