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Howdie troops...

Sorry we've been a wee bit quiet of late.  We've been back in Britain for a while and spending all our time catching up with friends and family.  After a few days in London we headed back up to Glasgow where it's been amazing to settle back into Scotland.  We really miss our Scottish house when we're working away in Canada and America so it's just amazing being back...  

After a great couple of days in Inverness at my Mum's I headed back down to Glasgow where Colin had stayd to work through a pile of paperwork and business stuff.  It's amazing how quickly work and associated stuff can pile up but Colin is a machine for admin'.  So everything is now, thankfully, up to date!

The other night we went to The Great Scot Awards, a Sunday Mail innitiative that recognises the selfless work of folk in Scotland. It's a humbling event that really took our breath away.  The event is a reminder that there are wonderful people out there doing great and heroic things for their community. Charity workers, carers and other good souls. Respect.

Entertainment for the night was courtesy of previous X Factor winner Joe MacEldrey - a really talented wee chap who kept us all amused.  Also in attendance was our old pal Christopher Biggins and Rick Makerem (from Emmerdale) both of whom had flown up to Glasgow to support the evening.  And The Krankies were there too - hillarious and both actually really lovely people.  Fandabeedozey!

These last couple of days we've been tidying our house ahead of the family coming to stay for a few days.  My sister Carmel turned fifty a while back and the gathering is part of her extended birthday celebrations.  We and the first arrivals are having dinner at One Devonshire Gardens on Friday and on Saturday we're all off to Malmaison - all sixteen of us!  Should be fun.

Trust this finds you all well, hale and hearty.  More from us later,

C and J xx



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