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Feeling a wee bit star struck!

Yup, we're having a ball during our wee London trip.  High on Olympic drama, we're in our element!

Went to The Wolsely for dinner last night and, as much as we are used to seiing loads of stellar celebrities in there, last night was particularly crazy.  Kenneth Branagh was at the next table and, with him was Chris Pine, Captain Kirk from the new Star Trek.  As much as we wanted to dash across and say hello we decided to leave them in perfect peace. Clrearly that's the only thing to do when people are enjoying some private R'n'R...

But then, just as we were getting used to the starry contingent..... in walks Sir Paul McArtney. OMG! Again, we all kept our cool - and simply said hello - but it was really exciting to see a Beatle in the flesh!

It was our own company, however, that made the evening as much fun us it was; for us, certainly.  Yup, with Maureen and Mark and Mark we ate and laughed our way into a state of high, elevated frenzy.  Really good fun in our favourite eatery...

And today?  Well, today we're on a mooch in London.  A bit of shopping and a tad of Olympic atmosphere soak up.  No plans, as such - just a wee waner.  We're REALLY enjoying our tine off.

Trust this finds you all well, hale and hearty,

More from us soon,

C&J xx


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