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Howdie doodey

Glasgow calling! Well, a short flight of just 5 hours and 55 minutes has propelled us from beautiful Toronto to The Dear Green Place. Like Dorothy - but without the storm - we've landed in a wonderful, familiar world. And it's BRAW being home. And we KNOW we are home as we're currently sinking our jet lagged teeth into yielding soft white bread, familiar territory that can only be part of a Gr...eggs sarnie. Aye, we've ditched the Champagne and can currently be found turning our attentions to a somewhat more golden bubbly liquid. Indeed with the top screwed off a glass cheque, we're preparing to savour the sparkly delights of two stout glasses of Irn Bru. And, when we've fully settled in, we might just make a jumbo batch of tablet. Because that's what we're like.... xx


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