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A wee story from today\'s post office line...

OMG. So I'm standing in the queue at the post office today and there's a large screen playing Sky news. A big 'breaking story' shows a laboratory rat, previously paralysed, and its ability, due to a breakthrough cell injecting procedure, to walk again. The unspoken suggestion is that this research (ethical and animal rights issues aside) may one day allow paralysed humans to walk again. So, al...l very exciting. Behind me, in the queue, is a slack jawed, gum smacking, gallus looking couple. Gripped by the news story, I'm doing my best to avoid eye contact with 'loves young dream' who're doing a mean line in foreplay, much to the chagrin of the elderly folk who're in for their pensions. Stopping, mid French kiss (and with one eye still on the TV) the lad says to his girlfriend; 'Aw, that's pure brilliant by the way Sandra, some folk'll do anything for their pets..." His girlfriend pauses and, as she hoiks the gum from her mouth and slips it behind her ear, retorts; "Aye, but how much is the vet gonna charge for that? You'd think they'd have better things to spend their money on..."
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