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Saturday - gorgeous and sunny!

First proper cycle of the season awaits.  Bikes serviced and ready to take on the perimeter of Lake Ontario.  Or at least part of it.  Getting the excercise out of the way, early bells, frees up the day for glamour shopping.  So, this in mind, we're off to the Summerhill strip in search of precious things.  Inspired (we hope) we'll be heading to Goodwill and The Sally Army for some affordable 'lookey likey' hot finds for an upcoming project.   Then, if this dreamy weather holds, you'll find us spread eagled on a sunny patio somewhere gorgeous.  Got our Daisy Duke denim hot pants primed and at the ready.  Bonnet of the General Lee here we come...

Hope all is well in the world of cyber,

Cheers, Colin and Justin xx


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