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Sweet Sunday!

Aye, it's Sunday morning and we've finally surfaced after being awakened, initially, at 5am by the fire alarm in our condo.  And, take it from us, it's an ear splitting pneumatic ring that would wake the dead.  Normally, when there's any type of disturbance, a voice will come over a PA to let us all know what to do, but this time no message was given.  We had to check, with no help from security, that the building wasn't on fire as none of the normal warnings or assurances were given to us. or other residents.  So we're feeling very grumpy this morning.

Still; it's not all bad.  Guess we shouldn't grumble.  We had a brillaint time as headline guests at The Sudbury Womens Show.  The crowds were brilliant and the 'laydeeez army' were out in full force!   God, those girls know how to party!

Becasue we were focussing on attendees, we didn't get a chance to take in any of the scenery so we've made a promise to ourselves that we'll visit again, at which point we'll properly take in the sights in this thriving, mining town.  Hey, we didn't even see The Big Nickel!

When we got back to Toronto we had a quick tidy in our condo as two pals from Scotland, painter Gerrard Burns and his lovely wife Ellen, were popping by for a glass of bubbly.  It was lovely to catch up and gossip before we headed out to dinner at a local Greek restaurant.  It was fascinating to hear of Gerrard's plans to launch his artwork in North America.  We're big fans of his work and we're sure that Canada will lap him up.  Visit the link to see more of his style.

Today (post fire alarm) we're toiling from home for a few hours and then heading to the gym to work off the excesses of the last few days. Later on this evening we're meeting up with our dear friend Martha and heading for dinner to one of our favourite restaurant's, One at The Hazelton.  It's buzzy and atmospheric in there and the food is always deelish.

Will report more soon.  In the meantime, we hope this wee missive finds you well, hale and hearty,

Cheers for now,

C and J xx


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