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We loves us a good party!

Aye, pass us the smelling salts; we've had a fabulous few days... although a litle revival tactic wouldn't do any harm. Hells bells we've had a stonkingly good weekend. 

My sister Carmel and a group of her girlfriends arrived from the Midlands on Friday (to spend the weekend at home with us) and the vibe was fun and, ahem, champagne fuelled from the moment they all arrived.  Carmel's 50th birthday is fast approaching so the trip was for a little early celebration. 

Friday night we decided to take it easy and phoned in some gorge food from Salma and had a slumber party and a liberal dose of vino collapso.  Rounded of the evening with a dash into our rooftop hot tub; a great way to unwind!

On Saturday morning we crammed into our kitchen and produced a massive Scottish brekky (damn the diet, said we, as we chowed down on enough nosh to scare Big Daddy) and then headed into Glasgow city to show the girls some Dear Green Place highlights, of which there are many.  After a whistle stop tour we battled a path towards Princes Square where we had afternoon tea in Fifi and Ally.  Not too bad at all although the Red Velvet Cake on offer was somewhat dissapointing.  For starters it wasn't even remotely red and while it was nice enough it didn't quite hit the mark.  But hey; the surroundings were nice, as was the service.  And all the other cakes passed muster.

Back home we prepared the house for the arrival of 20 of Carmel's friends who arrived for a wee cocktail ahead of our dinner booking at Browns.  My other sister Colette also came as did her daughter Lucy.  Great to see them too - for the second time in the same week in fact as we visited them on candle business in Edinburgh a few days ago. 

The night was just part of Carmel's 50th birthday celebration; she's also going to New York and Venice on celebratory trips and having a massive party at home outside Birmingham.  Suffice to say we partied hard with the coterie of guests and crawled back home in the wee small hours.  Fab' night! 

This morning we repeated the full breakfast routine only this time we served it on our terrace as the weather had heated up a little.  Then it was out to Byres Rooad as we wanted the girls to experience a little west end life on the buzzing street.

After a good old wander and a mooch (which included a stoff off for ice cream and cakes) we squeezed in the Range Rover and drove them out to Glasgow airport for their flight back down to Birmingham.  Can we admit to being exhausted? In a totally good way. of course  We had a great time with everyone all and besides it's always nice to see siblings.

Tonight, clad in tartan jammies, we caught up on some TV (BGT - which was OK, Titanic -which was better than last week's - and The Voice which was brilliant. We just LOVE Will.I.Am who really makes the show.

Anyway - as much as we could blog and write for ages we have a crazy busy week designing all manner of things so we have to have an early (ish) night.  Trust this finds you all well, hale and hearty.  Sorry we've been quiter of late; ful service is now resumed!


C and J xx


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