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Evening all. Your Scottish uncles calling...

Hope you guys are all well.  We've had the craziest few days of work and we're really only raising our heads above the parapets as we write.  Not that we're complaining!

Anyway - it's all good, so no grumbles.  We're working on several private client jobs (a Toronto kitchen and a Toronto living rooom/ diner to name just a couple) and these have absorbed loads of time.  Hence our rather quiter position here and on facebook and twitter.  We've had to take a self imposed break from social media for the next wee while but we'll still be active on this, our website, as normal with updates and gossip.  And we'll be producing more of our 'Today on eBay we would buy' items.  These have been unbelievably successful and our website actually went into melt down yesterday at one point because of all the activity.  But hey; it's all good fun.

Tomorrow we will be catching up on a load of written work for our columns in The Sunday Mail, The Toronto Star and for Flavors Magazine in BC and Rona magazine in Montreal.  Yup, our virtual quills are poised for two days of concerted writing and oppinion forming!

My 'no smoking' journey has passed its first week and, for the most part, it's been easy enough although there have been a few tricky times where the cravings were literally hellish.  But I did NOT give in and nor will I.  I pledged to everyone that I have kicked the habit and that is the way it shall stay.  I UTTERLY promise!

In the meantime, we hope you guys are all well.  Feel free to drop us a line via our website forums.  It's good to keep in touch.  For now we are busy promoting the launch of our latest candle 'Mandarin and Geranium' - we hope you like it as much as you all seem to be enjoying all our other aromas at  We have some exciting new developments with the company that we'll be able to reveal in the next couple of weeks.  So watch this space!

Cheers lovelies and look after yourselves.  You're a cracking bunch!

Colin and Justin xx


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