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Toronto calling!

As Scots we're proud of our wonderful airports but Glasgow is without a doubt the best by far!

Got into the airport at 7.30am and our flight to Toronto took off at exactly 9.30 as scheduled.  Parked in the top car park and jooshed through check in in a matter of minutes...

Arrived at Pearson airport, Toronto, and jumped a car to our condo and, as quickly as that, we were home from home.  Peeing down in Toronto though; we had hoped for some snow.  Ah well, maybe later this week.

If you guys get a chance, grab a copy of The Toronto Star this weekend; we've got an 'at home' with CHER!!

And next week you'll see something totally unexpected from us; a pod cast from The Toronto Car Show.  May come as a surprise to you guys to know that we're MAJOR car buffs!  You'll be able to see it on line at The Star if you're not in the city.  We'll post details when they're available.

Gotta dash for the moment; supermarket shopping to be done!

More later!

Cheers, lovelies,

C and J xx 


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