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Toronto Fashion Week

The buzz around Toronto for Fashion Week in so energising.  London and New York have long since enjoyed these events so it's fantatstic that Canada is doing the same.  And doing it with aplomb!

We've been lucky enough to be invited to most of the shows although we have to miss some of them as we're travelling to Vancouver this week to headline The West Coast Women's Show and thereafter to LA for a few days break. But we made it along to todays show, accompanied by Cheryl Torrenueva, featuring Tosca Delfino and her amazing swimwear.  The outfits were sensational particularly those that featured a wonderful fabric depicting The CN Tower.  Realy inventive!  Have to say though that some of the girls looked like they could have done with a sandwitch!  The thrilling show was sponsored by The Cayman Islands and it really put us in the mood for a trip we're making to Grand Cayman in early December!  Yay!

Tonight we''re off to the after show party for todays swimwear show and hooking up again with Cheryl and her beau Michael.  Having dinner first (and probably a few cocktails) so it should be a fun evening!  Gonna try and stay sober... Hic'!

Hope you guys are all well,


C and J xx




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