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Home Is Where The Heart Is, ITV1, tonight, May 10th, 9pm.

arrived in London yesterday and dashed to our flat for a quick shower before going for dinner with some ITV pals at a wonderful resto' in Holland Park callled Julie's.  Have to say it was actually a gorgeous wee place with a sensational menu.  Full of nooks and crannies and wonderful artwork, sculptures and curios.  We actually sat at the same table where Prince Charles had dinner on his stag night  We're nothing if not royal!

Anyway, dinner over and with the weather sublime, we sat on the patio until our cars arrived.   It's always so lovely to see London enjoying the warmth.  Now if we could just get some of that up to Glasgow before we head home later this week!  hey, we can dream...

Today we were up with the larks for our appearance on This Morning.  We love guesting on that show and today we were with Phil and Ruth to discuss Home Is Where The Heart Is which starts tonight on ITV1 at 9pm.  We talked about the time we spent with Jim, our house guest, and how it changed our perception of Britain's homeless community.  The show endeavours to change the lives of four very different individuals.  Our guy, Jim, has had a really dreadful past (by his admission) and struggles with an ongoing addiction to alcohol.  It's a heart rending story of his homeless life and the fact he's been on the road for 18 years as a 'rough sleeper'.  We'll leave you to judge for yourselves but we feel happy to have helped in some tiny way.  He's had so much go wrong in his life but we really hope this show may signal a new start for him.  We'll see if his dream of being an ordinary guy comes true.  It's not a Waly Disney fairy tale and its VERY emotional.  Our thoughts are with him. 

Tonight we're going to have dinner outside if the weather holds and then watch the show.  We really hope it inspires you guys.

Cheers for now,

Love, Colin and Justin x 


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