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Our new bathrooms!

Yup, TWO new bathrooms are emerging, 39 floors up, in our Toronto condo - even though we're far away on the beach in The Dominican Republc!

We've spent a long time planning and designing these two rooms and now they're actually happening - the full rip out of the previosly dull beige bathrooms we inherited when we bought our Canadian home form home is underway! Yay!

Coming together again with our close friend and uber talented Cheryl Torrenueva, we've finally started the project.  Having designed, in our minds, what we hoped to achieve, we've been working with Cheryl to bring it all together in our absence.  She's managing the gut down and install and is making a brilliant job.  Her skill at timetabling and her design vision are just amazing.  And we trust her every move!

We've specified black and white Caesarstone for our house bathroom and dark grey Ciot marble for our en suite.  Cheryl has sourced our sanitary wares and pulled the technical drawings together like a true pro'.  The powder room is accented with mock croc black Caesarstone (played against white) and the en suite is a tribute to Tom Ford; very masculine and throbbingly dark!

The project will last a couple of weeks which means that when we return to Toronto at the weekend we'll still be mid reno'.   So how on earth we'll be able to live in our condo God only knows but we'll cope... somehow!

Anyway - we've taken some great before shots so we'll reveal the work upon its completion in The Toronto Star.  These two bathrooms were the weak link in our condo but alll that is changing!  At flipping well last! 

So keep scanning these pages for all the transformative evidence and Star publication dates!

In the meantime, as much as we'd like to blog and chat all day... we have sunbathing to be done. 

More later!

C and J xx


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