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More Celebrity Masterchef

Hello you guys!  Thanks for dropping by our interractive website.  Hope you can join us here for regular updates in our world both home from home here Canada and at home in Bonnie Scotland.

Anyway - Celebrity Masterchef!  What a blast! We've done perhaps a dozen or so of our own series - and appeeared on multiple celebrity reality shows - but we have to report that CMC was, without a doubt, the most stressful of anything we've done.   We're not bluffing!  It's unbelievably tough.  Working outwith our comfort zone is something we're not really used to.  Hey; even when appearing on the media juggernaut that is 'I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here' it wasn't half as tough as it was on Masterchef.  Guess that's because we were left to our own devices on the jungle show... whereas in this cookery show we were formatted into all the tasks and skill tests.  And then judged...

Obviously there can only be one winner and, secretly, both of us are actually glad that we left when we did.  We always work together and we have never had to compete against each other.  Therefore, had one of us won, he'd have felt bad for the other.  Anyway, to cut a long story short, we're glad to be free!

So all's good.  CMC is a fun show, all things considered, so we're not grumbling for even one nano second.  Appearing on the series has helped us improve our culinary skills and we def' left with so much more than we started with.  And we feel inspired to learn more in our day to day life.

The pressure in the studio is nothing short of breathtaking.  There are camera's and crews everywhere and every move is closely monitored and scrutinised.  The hosts don't miss a trick.  Their beady eyes are trained to catch every success... and every failure.  And when we left the studios to go and work in commercial kitchens it got even harder.  Just YOU try cooking for a few hundred people at a time!  But come on; it's all fun and we always remembered that it's just a game.  A crazy, pressured game, but a game nevertheless...

Everyone asks us what the chefs are like and it has to be said that Greg and John master the series SO well.  They don''t beat around the bush, they SO know what they're talking about and that's why the show does as well as it does.  But they're scary!  OMG - they are SO scary!  Nice guys, though, and we wish them all the very best for the remainder of this season and others to come.

So the battle continues! From our round only Danny and Sharon remain.  Both are total sweethearts and both will go to the semi finals.  And we think that both of them have a really good chance of showing us all what they can do.  Each is a very different chef and each brings to the table something very different.  We're really looking forward to seeing how they perform!

This evening and tomorrow there are highlight shows on the BBC so you'll be able to catch up with any bits you missed.  We've been watching on line from Canada and it looks like - from that which we've seen - that the series has been fairly and sympathetiocally edited.  No one was made to look like a fool thank God.  The show just demonstrated that some people have better culinary prowess... end of!  So, this in mind, it's back to the cookery books for us.  Evidently we still have a lot to learn!

We wish all the remaining semi finalists the very best of luck and would like to take this chance to thank the production team and the BBC for making a fun show and looking after us alll so well.  We had a blast!

Trust this finds you all well, hale and hearty,

Cheers for now,

Colin and Justin, cooking up a storm!  xx


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