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Celebrity Masterchef and stuff....

CMC - what a crazy journey.  Neither of us have ever maintained that we're wonderful cooks although this show has really helped us focuss on what we can and can't do in the kitchen.  Aye!  We have both LOVED working on this show and it's certainlly proved a controversial process!  Cooking fish was fun and we had some success with fillet of beef... and several of the grand scale catering tests.  Lasagne? Perhaps not so much.  And Bounty bars?  Let's just say there was a mutiny!  On the, ahem, Bounty!

Colin leaving today was hard for us as a unit as we generally work together.  Tomorrow it's Justin flying solo.  If we even knew how to spell Osso Boco we'd tell you to be ready for what's coming next.  Yikes!!  Another major catering test in a London restaurant and a dish with marrow bone.  Hmm.  Make your own minds up about that one...

Today we're enjoying some down time in Toronto.  Had a brilliant evening last night at The Bell Light Box Luma resto'.  Great food and great company with two lovely girls, Gale and Tina.  And there was indeed drinking...

This morning, after a little sun bathing we're off up to Summerhill for lunch with Cherri and thereafter a couple of meetings.  Then it'll be back to the ranch for a night in!  Boy, we're pooped and SO need to conserve some energy ahead of our holiday to who knows where!  Aye, we're still trying to book a ten day escape to either Barbados or Mexico.  But making our availability match with travel times is proving VERY hard.  We have to be back in Toronto for a big press event on 13th October.  We're the faces of an exciting new HEALTH product and will reveal the details of this over the next few days!

Hope this finds you all well, hale and hearty,

More later,

C and J xx


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