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Busy wee night and morning!

Blimey yesterday was fun.  We interviewed Ethan Hawke and Antonio Banderas yesterday and both actors were really forthcoming about their films.  Still can't quite get used to how exciting it is to be special correspondents during TIFF for City TV!!  Ethan and Antonio (hey - look at us on first name terms!) were both really friendly and easy to get along with.  

Today we kicked off the day by working on a great shoot for The Toronto Star.  It's a two consecutive week story about classic and modern home style and it'll run in addition to our regular Star column in the next couple of weeks.

Now back at our condo working from home for a couple of hours before heading off to the Madonna gala premiere of WE.  So excited that we may get a chance to interview Her Royalness for City TV!

Gotta dash for now - more details later!

C et J xx



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