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Having a swell time, so far, at TIFF

Had a lovely evening with friends last night at the Spoke Club before we headed back to our condo (after a few glsses of wine) to have an early night to sleep off our jet lag.  Got up at the crack of dawn this morning to clean up our condo and then headed to the supermarket to stock up for our friends Peter, Cat and James who all arrive from Scotland tomorrow for a week of partying.  Can't wait to see them all! 

After lunch today we headed into City TV and then dashed down to The Ritz Carlton where we co hosted coverage for City TV at the opening gala.  As part of one of the spots we had to eat oysters for the very first time; gross!!!!! Live TV is such a brilliant experience (sea food issues aside) and we did various segments before finally finishing at around 8pm. Gotta say we take our hat off to Dina Pugliese from BT who makes it all seem so effortless.  She's a total star!

At the moment we're back at our condo for a shower and later we're heading down to The Liberty Grand for the after show party when the U2 film comes out.  We'll report more about that tomorrow!

Tomorrow's red carpets will see us chasing George Clooney and Megan Fox.  How cool is that?

Hope you guys are all well, hale and hearty, more from us tomorrow,  Cheers, Colin and Justin xx


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