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Jet lag finally lifting...

Not sure where we get our energy from - but we've fought our way through ANOTHER batch of trans Atlantic sleepiness!  BTW - is sleepiness spellled with a y?  Is it sleepyness?  Not sure...

Anyway, we had a great morning hosting our Real Radio Sunday Show.  It's hard to believe that there are only two more episodes left in our thirteen week run!  We'll do next week's from Glasgow and the last show will broadcast with us in Canada.  It's been a total blast and a fab new string to our broadcasting bow.

Last night we went out for dinner with our pal Peter.  Have to say it was a distinctly average meal although it was great to catch up with a dear friend.  When we got home we watched back to back episodes of The Golden Girls until the wee small hours.  Aye, it's good to be home in Glasgow for a wee break...

Today we slept late and then hit the supermarket to fill the fridge.  Our cupboards have been very much Old Mother Hubbard of late so they needed a total stock up.  After we got back home we settled into work on our newspaper columns and now they're done we're watching Celebrity Big Brother.  Jedward are TOTALLY rocking it! You've got to admire their synchronicity and brotherly connection.  They're actually VERY amusing and the most interesting housemates if you ask us!

Anyway - we've got loads of new stuff to tell you about and we'll dish the dirt soon.  Remember, too, that we're on Red Carpet duty for City TV in Canada during TIFF.  We're gonna track down Madonna if it kills us!

Cheers for now - hope you're all hale and hearty,

Colin and Justin xx


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