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Barbeque season!

Went to a great barbeque last night with Gale from The Star and her colleague Spencer.  Spencer and his lovely wife Mary cooked awesome beef and served a dreamily wornderful salad and we filled our boots.  Properly gorgeous!

Today we've hit the stores on Queen West in Toronto but more for a mooch, really, as we weren't in a buying mood.  You gotta feel it, huh?

Saying that there were some good deals in Morba on lighting, some inexpensive artwork in Urban Barn, a beautiful grey sofa in Style Garage, and we spotted a lush Asian console in Jilan.  That whole strip of shops is actually a great hunting ground and we noticed that Industrial Storm (a beautiful but expensive home store) has moved to a unit on the other side of the street.

Now back at the ranch, we're about to watch The X Factor and then we're heading out to barbeque number two at the home of pals Spencer and James.  Should be fun!

More later,

C and J x


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