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Busy couple of days!

Went to see The Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes a couple of nights back and we've SO got to recommend it.  It's stunningly well shot with amazing CGI and brilliant effects.  The guys in the ape suite have to be seen to be believed; their skill and animal like dexterity is astounding.  It's a sad and happy tale and as much about the bond between the main ape and the other characters as it is Sci Fi.  Go check it out!

A couple of friends from Britain, Phil and Michael, popped by for a few drinks last night and then we went to a lovely wee barbeque at the home of new friends Mona and Craig who we've had the pleasure to meet through our dear friends Cherri and David.  After this we went down to the waterside to a cute bar but we didn't stay too long as we were blasted out by the sound of an open air movie that was playing nearby!

Today we had a fab lunch meeting at Toka with our pal Gale from the Star and her lovely colleague Lynn from the marketing department.  Managed a couple of glasses of wine which is SO unlike us by day!  

Spent a couple of hours relaxing by the pool in our condo thereafter and tonight we're off to a barbeque to enjoy some more outside air.  This is the life!

Hope this finds you all well, hale and hearty,


Colin and Justin xx 


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