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Cottage time!!!

Yup, we had a ball!  We ditched our watches and didn't use our iphone.  Hey we hardly even tweeted and hardly used facebook.  Blimey - we actually felt a strange sense of liberation! 

You can learn how we coped without our beloved communications in next Saturdays Star.  We've written an editorial about 'slowing down' for a few days and it makes for interesting reading.  All will be revealed on Saturday.  OMG - the wee cottage break with friends was wonderful...  We'll post the link at the weekend.

Yesterday we spent most of the day at home in Toronto working on all our newspaper columns and various press obligations and last night, after we were finished, we took our Mini Me's to The Danforth for a wonderful Greek meal.  The place was buzzing and the atmosphere was electric.  Great to hook up with our friends Cherri and David and, being that we all brought our cars, we didn't have a drink.  It was great to pass time without booze and not having to hang around looking for taxi's made the end of the night far easier!

Today we have most of the day clear so we're just about too slap on the sun screen and head out to our terrace.  Hope you guys are all well, hale and hearty,

More later,

Speak soon,

Colin and Justin xx 


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