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Colin and Justin Mini Me!

This morning, after our Real Radio show was finished, we went for a very early trawl around St Lawrence Market in Toronto.  The plan was to have a bit of breakfast and then head back to our condo to get on with our newspaper columns.  Anyway, it was all going to plan until we heard two tiny voices calling to us.  Further investigation revealed a pair of Ken Dolls from the 1960's (secreted in a glass cabinet) who look remarkably like us; one blond and one brunette!  So we scooped 'em up as little companions but now they're trying to steal our thunder - they're DEMANDING their own Twitter account and all sorts.  We'll see about that!

They've even tried to take our vintage Merc' out for a ride without us out and they're (trying to) re design our condo.  Apparently, 'cos theyre older than us, they know better.   Hmm...

Watch out for this pair of Mini Me's as they try and tread on our patch.  They're cute little fella's; but we've gotta show them who's the boss!

More later.

C et J xx


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