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Crack of Dawn

SO glad we had an early night as we were up early for our Real Radio show which went really well.  We're getting an EXTRAORDINARY amount of emails, texts and phonecalls and would like to thank you guys for making the series such a success!

After the show finished we came back home and have been working on newspaper editorials ever since; hence being quiet on facebook and twitter today!

Tonight we're doing a spot of home cooking and a few more episodes of Dexter.  We're SO hooked!

Starting to count down the days till we get back to Toronto.  Only a week left now!  This transatlantic existence is so much fun.  Month here, month there, month here... etc etc etc!  It's funny; when we're in Toronto we miss Glasgow and when we're in Glasgow we miss Toronto! Its a great 'best of both worlds' and we never forget to count our blessings

Cheers for now, lovelies,

C and J x


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