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The Glasgow Show

We started the day at the City Chambers for an official breakfast with The Lord Provost Bob Winter (pictured here with his adoreable wife Sheena) and swooned at the wonderful backdrop; we often forget just how beautiful the historic building actually is even though we've visited many times over the years.  A sea of marble and the most beautiful panelled rooms make it a must see for anyone who hasn't been.

After brekky we clamboured aboard an open top bus and slowly made our way to Glasgow Green where the Glasgow Show takes place.  It was amazing to see the city's populus out in force; the lush weather made a real difference and the mood, therefore, was electric.  When we arrived at the VIP enclosure we did a meet and mingle with loads of wonderfully proud Glaswegians and it served as a reminder just how proud we are to be Scottish.  As much as we adore our association to Toronto and all the time we spend there, we guess we'll always be Glaswegian.  And we take our pride with us wherever we happen to be in the world.  Which reminds us; we'll be back in Toronto next week!  Yay!!!

The whole day at Glasgow Green was peppered with entertainment but we have to say that Jedward, the headline act, were simply superb.  We love their energy and obvious brotherly bond.  Even if you're not a fan of 'the gruesome twosome' you have to admit that they know how to work a crowd and the kids went absiolutely wild whn they took to the stage in matching kilts!  Respect to these guys for having fun and for, against all the odds, earning over £3 million quid since they satrted out just two years past!

The best part of the day, however, was the arrival of a quartet of soldiers, by parachute, to deliver a 'green' flag to Glasgow Green in honour of how well run and ecologicaly sound the park actually is.  The soldiers, three boys and one girl, dropped to the ground from several thousand feet and the moment was truly special and utterly humbling; these brave soldiers, after all, have fought in Irac and Afghanistan.  Kind of puts life into perspective...

Other highlights included a daredvil stunt motor cycle troupe, who flew through the air with abandon, and a fantastic display of stunt horse riders.  The formation and skill of all these performers was staggering and the memory of each act will remain with us for a long time.

We were meant to be going to a newspaper party this evening but we both felt a little out of sorts (nothing serious; just a bit fluish) so we stayed home and are now planning a relatively early night.  We've got our radio show on Real tomorrow (100-101 FM) at 10am so we need to keep our energy in reserve!

Anyway! Hope this finds you guys all well, hale and hearty.  Enjoy your weekend, chaps, and remember there's another day of Glasgow Show fun tomorrow.  Get down there!

We'll report more soon!


C and J xx


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